I've started many projects and finished few. My goals for this new venture, or possibly adventure, are few and modest at this time. I recently purchased a Honda CBR250R and I'll try to chronicle what happens as I try to relearn motorcycle riding skills after having not ridden regularly since about 1970. I hope to do a modest amount of traveling or touring, with my first venture planned for the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I invite you to follow along if you're so inclined.
Also, I'm going to be posting rants, if you will, about religion, politics, so-called complimentary and alternative medicine in addition to anything else that comes along that I find interesting. Please excuse how the format of this blog/website. Though I have many blogs, I'm a neophyte at best in how to properly design them.

Snap of the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Skyline Drive (Virginia), OK, I fess-up, taken on a trip with my Miata.

How this all started?

May 12, 2012,  5:50 AM 
  My sleep continues to be screwed-up. Having worked late-night shift work for almost twenty years, it seems that my sleep can get out of whack without much trouble.
  I seem to be going through the Get on Your Motorcycle and Travel mind-set, for lack of a better term. Yes, this happens from time to time. The last time was a few years ago. Oh, well. May cover that later.
  A few days ago, for reason (s) not exactly known, I went to my local Honda dealer and looked at a CBR250R. For those of you who don’t know, it seems to be an average-size motorcycle; however, its uniqueness, I guess you could say, is that it has less than 30 horsepower, and routinely gets 70 mpg. Yep, by choice it surely wouldn’t be the first pick for many as a stead to use to travel. Running errands around town and commuting, and as a plaything for weekend fun, yes. But, for travel of any distance, surely wouldn’t be a first choice for most folks.
  Ironically, sitting in my garage, and not ridden for over two years is a like-new BMW. Yes, the first choice for many who want to travel. I will most likely write about why I am not going to use that. Not at this time, though.
  Before going any further, I guess I need to say, I’m primarily a dreamer, not a doer. Yep, will sit for hours scouring the Net, buying books, researching and so on, getting ready for a project and then drop it and move on to something else. So, I’ll find out this time if I get beyond the Internet and dreaming stage.
  As of two days ago the dealer only had two bikes, well, two of the 250cc bikes. So, I guess, if I want one anytime soon I’d better get the darn thing and get that out of the way.
  Most dealers do not allow test drives. Yes, good for the dealer, bad for the customer. A simple test drive, even if just down the street, would make the purchase decision far easier. Now, the consumer relies on test drives from magazines and reports in the Internet forums.

May 13, 2012 5:30AM
  Well, sure hope my sleep gets sorted out before too long.
Had planned on sending the gentleman at the dealership an e-mail telling him I want the bike. For some reason haven’t.
   Yes, again for the past several hours have been back to Adventure Travels. Read some well-written nice reports with plenty of snaps. Yep, sounds like something I think I want to do.
   I guess one thing I’d have to get used to, assuming I buy this bike and actually get out there, is not having specific plans about where I’m going to stay.
   Over the past ten twelve years I’ve done a little traveling, well vacations I guess you could say. However, everything was planned. I’ve had over twenty vacations to the mountains of Virginia, yes, staying in the same place for each trip. Have gone to the car races in West Virginia from time to time, and yes, knew exactly where I was staying. So, I guess that’s one thing I’d have to get used to, just stopping off at a motel and going from there.
   Yesterday, a pal, kindly agreed to let me ride his motorcycle. He has a low-mileage Kawasaki 250 Ninja. My thinking was that as the motorcycles are so similar it’d give me a good idea of what to expect with the Honda.
The temperature was most likely mid-to high eighties. Yep, everything was Ok until about a mile away the motorcycle sputtered and quit running. I’ll spare you the events after that. Would like to say two folks stopped and offered help. That was nice. 

May 14, 2012 10:40AM
   Well, just talked to the sales fellow and he is holding a motorcycle for me. So, I guess I could say this is the start of the adventure. I wish myself good luck…

May 15, 2012 5:30AM
   Went by the dealership yesterday and signed an agreement. The bike, well, my bike, should be ready about noon today. However, pretty nasty looking weather report; thunderstorms forecast for most of the day. Though I have some experience riding motorcycles, I haven’t ridden one in two or three years, and prior to that it had been about thirty years. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m a new rider. Yep, starting from scratch, again. 

  Though I have a rain suit, which I’ve never had to use, I’m surely not going to start my motorcycle adventure in the rain. The traffic here is pretty grim, especially when it rains. So, as of now, the bike will just have to wait until the weather is a little more favorable..

May 17, 2012 1:20PM
  Well, yep, just picked-up my bike. Just a quick few words. Yes, considering myself a new rider, I was apprehensive about how I'd fare in riding it. So far so good.
  I stopped by my pal's place of business and he really likes it. He is the one who has the Ninja 250 and many other motorcycles.
  Got out on the Interstate and cruised along at 60. Felt fine. Of course, you knew it when you hit a bump, but I think most motorcycles would be about the same. Briskly accelerated up to 70 once. Engine sounded pretty cool in the higher RPMs.

  I had initially planned to bring the bike home and go out after midnight when there'd be no traffic; however, things are going so well as far as my being comfortable riding it, that after feeding my pup, I'm heading out again. Weather is about 20% chance of rain.
  Frankly, I truly didn't need another motorcycle. After all, I have a like-new BMW. That said, I am pleased with my choice and I can't think of anything that could happen that would change that. Absolutely no buyer's remorse.

  Will have a few more snaps tonight...but, hey, seen one seen them  all.

May 18, 2012
  Well, yes, did get out for a while today. Had planned on riding at least 100 miles; however, the wind was a steady 20 mph with gusts approaching 30 mph. Would have been a great day except for the wind. Temperature about 70 and clear blue sky.
  After about an hour, just wanted to get off the bike as I was tired of battling the wind. I normally wear long-sleeve shirts. However, as the temperature was about 70 degrees, decided to wear a t-shirt underneath my 3/4 length riding jacket.
  When I walked in McDonalds to get my senior coffee (one of the few perks of being old), with my jacket off, my shirt proclaimed I Survived the Rapture Again. A gentleman in line, behind me, proudly sported a tee that had a huge cross with the name of a church. Wow, for a moment I thought we might have dueling t-shirts.
  Found a few country roads 15 miles or so from home that were great. But, frankly, I was really bashed around with the winds and called it a day after about 60 miles. I had the so-called death grip on the grips and it just was not enjoyable. However, did find a couple of neat roads. I think I'm going to most likely get the lamb skin seat pad. The forecast for the next 6/7 days is calling for high livelihood of rain.
  Only missed a few shifts today. Need to get out and practice stopping quickly. The way I ride is to stay way behind the cars in front of me and just take it easy.
  Though I guess you can always say a little more horsepower would be good, I'll tell you folks, being able to give this bike full throttle without ending up smashed against a wall is a positive aspect of less than 30 horsepower. This seems a perfect bike for someone new to motorcycling, which I consider myself.
  I think the riding position is going to work out well. Actually, since I've only ridden two days for a little over 100 miles and both days were extremely windy, I'll comment later after more miles without the wind. Also, I think the standard shield may well over enough wind protection.

  Lesson: If there is something that I think is noteworthy, well at least me for, as a lesson if you will, or something to remember, I'm going to put it in bold type. Today the lesson is, if the winds are high I will most likely not ride. Or, at least I won't ride where the terrain is such that I'll get a huge blast of wind across an open field or while crossing over a bridge. Hey, this riding is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Of course, I guess I could also argue, that there is a velocity, or speed if you will, somewhere along the line from no wind to tornado-like wind, where there may be a trade off. You know, there's more fun and enjoyment than there is white-knuckling on the grips. A risk reward evaluation, I guess you could say.
  Now some might argue, Gosh, you need to practice riding in the wind. Hmmm. I guess you could also say, If you ride long enough you may well fall. Does that mean we should practice falling. Yeah, let's go out and lay that baby down to see if we can do it with little injury.
  Nope, I'll get my-riding-in-the-wind practice if I'm ever in a situation where the wind is up and for some reason I must ride.

May 20, 2012 3:30AM
  Well, just got from a 37 mile ride. Had planned on at least 70 or so, which brings me to my next lesson. Dress appropriately. Yes, dress for what the weather is. When I left home the temperature was about 60 degrees or so. I wore my 3/4 length jacket with t-shirt. I thought about zipping in the liner or putting on a sweater; I did neither. Anyway, had planned on some Interstate miles. Well, frankly, it was a little chilly or nippy. So, got off the Interstate, and yes, it was still a little chilly. The problem could have easily been solved by having put on a sweater. So 37 miles instead of 70.

  Noticed some numbness in my hands. Especially in the left one. Not sure how much of it, if any, was caused by gripping too tightly. Will try to remember on the next ride to pay more attention.
  Also, after about an hour, my butt was getting a little sore. Think I'm going to buy a sheep-skin cover.
  Ahh, a little humor?
  I have my rain suit strapped to my seat. Had looked around for my pair of Totes and couldn't find them. Backing up for a minute, when I got dressed the day I picked-up my bike, I looked on a shoe rack that I have on the inside of a closet door. You know the type, they have those hook things so you can line your shoes up. Hmmm. Didn't explain that well.
  Anyway, noticed a pair of boot-like shoes that covered my ankles. And, that's what I've been wearing and they fit nicely and are comfortable. OK, here's the funny? part. When I was putting them on this morning I noticed the following embossed on the shoe's tongue, "Guaranteed Waterproof." And, so it goes.


  1. George... I thought you were talking about a bicycle. Or did you get both?

  2. Makes me miss the 600 F2. I've thought about replacing it with a 250. Your 25 yold comment cracked me up, George. That climate change and uv exposure is brutal isn't it. - cloud


Outside the dealership....

Outside the dealership....
Yes, taking delivery of my new bike, May 17, 2012. The Marsee tank bag fits nicely. It's the strap-on type and you can get to the gas filler by unsnapping two of the straps. It is not in the way; however, it does expand upwards. My rainsuit is strapped to the seat.

OK, I promise to keep snaps of me to a minimum.

OK, I promise to keep snaps of me to a minimum.
Yeah, I know. I look pretty old. Actually, I'm only 25, the years have been tough and they've taken their toll.

Ortlieb Large Dry Bag (Rack-Pack)

Ortlieb Large Dry Bag (Rack-Pack)

I was on the verge of placing an order with Aerostich for Ortlieb saddlebags and decided to see how this bag would work. It’s the large Ortlieb dry bag. It cavernous and holds a whopping 2990 cubic inches. And, no it’s not filled to capacity, I just stuffed it with some clothes. The bungees I happened to have, though if I decide to use this as shown, I’m going to order six ROC straps. The only things that I can think of that I’ll be packing that are damageable or breakable are my netbook and two small cameras. The cameras I can put in the tank bag and the netbook I can wrap in clothes. I know one thing, if I do decide to use this bag I’m going to have to do some stretching exercises, as I will surely not be able to throw my leg over this. Yes, definitely a step-through situation.