I've started many projects and finished few. My goals for this new venture, or possibly adventure, are few and modest at this time. I recently purchased a Honda CBR250R and I'll try to chronicle what happens as I try to relearn motorcycle riding skills after having not ridden regularly since about 1970. I hope to do a modest amount of traveling or touring, with my first venture planned for the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I invite you to follow along if you're so inclined.
Also, I'm going to be posting rants, if you will, about religion, politics, so-called complimentary and alternative medicine in addition to anything else that comes along that I find interesting. Please excuse how the format of this blog/website. Though I have many blogs, I'm a neophyte at best in how to properly design them.

Snap of the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Skyline Drive (Virginia), OK, I fess-up, taken on a trip with my Miata.

F#%K A Cow!

May 22, 2012 5PM
I had mentioned somewhere, that I may write about stuff other than motorcycles. Hmmm, this may be the beginning.
Well, the day started OK. I have yet to decide where I’m going on my so-called mini-trip. At first, I was going to stay at The Peaks of Otter Motel, which is on the Blue Ridge Parkway. However, wow, the rates are over a hundred. And, yes, I’m trying to live on social security while continuing to spend money as though I have it.
So, looked around at other motels, near the parkway. Hmmm.
Then started looking at other cities. Anyway, the weather was delightful though rain forecast later…in fact, as I type this it is storming with lightening and all the rest.
So, my pup was out of treats and I was out of booze. Figured I’d make my first grocery run with the bike. Yep, treats and booze. Also, I needed to fill the tank for the first time. So, off to the store.
Dang, got a cramp in my leg when I was trying to get on the bike. Hmmm. Bought the treats. Strapped them on the back of the bike on top of my rain suit. Will I be able to throw my leg over? Barely.
Filled the tank (68 mpg, nice!) and headed to the booze store. Since picking up my bike last Thursday, I think, I’ve only used my car (actually a Honda Ridgeline) once and I’ve kept my wallet in my tank bag. Yes, maybe you can see where this is going…
Parked at the booze store and opened my tank bag. Yep, you guessed it. No wallet. Immediately back to the station, which is only a few miles from the booze store. Nooooooooooooooooooo wallet! So, that was my day.
There is a lesson here, I’m sure. I’ll think on that later.
Well, at least the pup has her treats. And, yes, I went to the bank (as always, the nice ladies there brightened my day), got cash, and bought booze. So, other than no wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, hundred-dollar bill, and so on…maybe the day will end OK. I shall see.


  1. I missed the notice for a few of these, George. Glad you got treats for the pup... Maybe that's what she's been asking for all along with her attention-getting behavior. Glad you went for a run on the bike.


  2. George, I have had something similar. Years ago while working third shift at a grocery store, I left my wallet at the register. Noticing it missing after a while I went back. Nowhere to be found. The creme of the situation was that it was one of those months where you have an additional 'week' pay. The 5 pay periods in a month.

    Well being poor and working check to check. When it takes 4 barely to make ends meet, the fifth is somewhat of a treat. Yep. It was just cashed and there it went with the wallet.

    Ahh the grinds of the poor my friend! :)


Outside the dealership....

Outside the dealership....
Yes, taking delivery of my new bike, May 17, 2012. The Marsee tank bag fits nicely. It's the strap-on type and you can get to the gas filler by unsnapping two of the straps. It is not in the way; however, it does expand upwards. My rainsuit is strapped to the seat.

OK, I promise to keep snaps of me to a minimum.

OK, I promise to keep snaps of me to a minimum.
Yeah, I know. I look pretty old. Actually, I'm only 25, the years have been tough and they've taken their toll.

Ortlieb Large Dry Bag (Rack-Pack)

Ortlieb Large Dry Bag (Rack-Pack)

I was on the verge of placing an order with Aerostich for Ortlieb saddlebags and decided to see how this bag would work. It’s the large Ortlieb dry bag. It cavernous and holds a whopping 2990 cubic inches. And, no it’s not filled to capacity, I just stuffed it with some clothes. The bungees I happened to have, though if I decide to use this as shown, I’m going to order six ROC straps. The only things that I can think of that I’ll be packing that are damageable or breakable are my netbook and two small cameras. The cameras I can put in the tank bag and the netbook I can wrap in clothes. I know one thing, if I do decide to use this bag I’m going to have to do some stretching exercises, as I will surely not be able to throw my leg over this. Yes, definitely a step-through situation.