I've started many projects and finished few. My goals for this new venture, or possibly adventure, are few and modest at this time. I recently purchased a Honda CBR250R and I'll try to chronicle what happens as I try to relearn motorcycle riding skills after having not ridden regularly since about 1970. I hope to do a modest amount of traveling or touring, with my first venture planned for the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I invite you to follow along if you're so inclined.
Also, I'm going to be posting rants, if you will, about religion, politics, so-called complimentary and alternative medicine in addition to anything else that comes along that I find interesting. Please excuse how the format of this blog/website. Though I have many blogs, I'm a neophyte at best in how to properly design them.

Snap of the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Skyline Drive (Virginia), OK, I fess-up, taken on a trip with my Miata.

Another Fifty Miles...and Other Comments...

May 31, 2012
Midnight. Went out earlier today during the midday heat. Yep, just rode around town in the heavy traffic. Came home, took my pup out, took a nap, and headed out about 10PM. Weather much nicer.
Before leaving home decided I wanted a doughnut. Stopped at Krispy Kreme. Two minutes before eleven when I walked in. Yes, closing time eleven. So skipped the doughnut and sat on the curb, sipped my coffee, and smoked a cigarette.
The coffee was $1.76 or so. I rarely just buy coffee so the price is always just part of the total for the meal. Dang, that's a lot of money. Yes, I can remember when coffee was....five cents. Hmmm. Just think, there are I would imagine many people who work for $8.00 an hour. Yes, they'd have to work fifteen minutes to buy a cup of coffee. Well, I should have gone to my favorite McDonald's and gotten a senior coffee for 49 cents or so. But, hey, I wanted a doughnut that I didn't get.
I'm doing a little better with the motorcycle. Haven't missed a shift in quite a while. Most likely a little of my getting better and the motorcycle getting a few miles on it.
Did some miles on the Interstate and with no wind, I guess 65 mph would be OK. However, unless it's late at night I surely don't want to be on Interstates.
Ahh, Verizon. Well, F#%K A Cow below was about my losing my wallet. For years I've been paying my Verizon bill by credit card. Yes, they notified me my card wasn't working (yep, reported it missing). So, I stopped by a new Verizon place just up the street from where I live. Also, needed to cancel my Internet service that's about $45 a month. Well, it's the kind you just plug in the side of your computer. Anyway, haven't used it for over a year and I was wondering what it would cost to get out of my two year contract.
Well, good news and weird news.
Good news. My contract was for a year, so no penalty. Dang, I've been paying for several months that I didn't have to.
Weird news. Remember, I'm in a Verizon place. They can't help me with my home phone and Internet service. Evidently they are a wireless only kind of place with no access to my accounts. Hmmm.
So they got someone on the phone for me. Explained I wanted to give them a new credit card number and to review my account. No dice ( is that a saying?). Need my account number. Yes, I'm sitting in a Verizon place and no one can give me my account number. What was your last payment amount? I have no idea as it's been on a credit card for years.
Don't you have a supervisor or someone who has a special key or something? Nope!
Well, did get it straight when I got home.

Please pay attention to what I'm going to write about next.
For you younger people please do a search. This is important.
June 8, 1972 Nick Ut snapped a photo of Kim Phuc, who was 9 at the time. She became know as the napalm girl. It would seem from the AP article in our local paper, that she is living seemingly a normal life in Canada.
Most of us will never learn how horrible war is. Yes, we'll sit in our living rooms and watch reports on TV and our newspapers will list the latest troops who are killed. But, we'll never know.
The troops learn, the doctors learn, the photographers and journalists learn, and the citizens of the countries we invade learn, The only problem is that those of us who learn are not the ones who start the new wars. And, thankfully, though I was in the service I never went to war.
Sometimes I think our arrogance is such that there is no wonder people all over the world dislike or hate us. Can you imagine a country's leader saying, "Bring it on."  Or, as we're bombing the shit out of a country calling it, "Shock and awe."
(I may redo this or add to it later.)


  1. Silly Verizon. Couldn't you pull a trailer for the bike on the back of your travel trailer ? Then you could go back on the road. Camp anywhere. Leave the Ridgeline at the camp site and take the 250 around. Sounds like an awesome free life to me.

    1. Ps. American war mongering. *makes the stinky face* IDK why we do it and why we feel its part of national security as noted in the constitution to go around the world inciting it.


Outside the dealership....

Outside the dealership....
Yes, taking delivery of my new bike, May 17, 2012. The Marsee tank bag fits nicely. It's the strap-on type and you can get to the gas filler by unsnapping two of the straps. It is not in the way; however, it does expand upwards. My rainsuit is strapped to the seat.

OK, I promise to keep snaps of me to a minimum.

OK, I promise to keep snaps of me to a minimum.
Yeah, I know. I look pretty old. Actually, I'm only 25, the years have been tough and they've taken their toll.

Ortlieb Large Dry Bag (Rack-Pack)

Ortlieb Large Dry Bag (Rack-Pack)

I was on the verge of placing an order with Aerostich for Ortlieb saddlebags and decided to see how this bag would work. It’s the large Ortlieb dry bag. It cavernous and holds a whopping 2990 cubic inches. And, no it’s not filled to capacity, I just stuffed it with some clothes. The bungees I happened to have, though if I decide to use this as shown, I’m going to order six ROC straps. The only things that I can think of that I’ll be packing that are damageable or breakable are my netbook and two small cameras. The cameras I can put in the tank bag and the netbook I can wrap in clothes. I know one thing, if I do decide to use this bag I’m going to have to do some stretching exercises, as I will surely not be able to throw my leg over this. Yes, definitely a step-through situation.